I have always been passionate about health, sport & fitness for as long as I can remember. Coming from a very small town in East Yorkshire, England I knew it would eventually be my ticket out of that environment and allow me to travel the world.
Moving to America to pursue a scholarship and degrees in Biology and Physical Education at the age of 21 was where my curiosity for entrepreneurship developed. Constantly looking for problems in everyday life to create solutions for; this was where I realised I had a strong desire to create.
Upon graduation from university, I went on to play professional football which took me to places like Canada, Norway, Australia, Scotland, Albania and Singapore, creating priceless memories and experiences which influenced me to be where I am today.
I have been fortunate to learn from some very inspirational mentors and role models over the past years for which I am very grateful. A great deal of who I am today is a representation of the these people and for their guidance in my journey I am very blessed.

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